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Fun with Indonesian Acronyms

Some Indonesian, and some not.

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Just a few fun acronyms ... to complement your Bahasa Indonesia learning!


ABRI Bukan Cepak Doang (He's not in the Army, but his hair style looks like one) cepak = very short hair


Asli tapi palsu - original but fake / immitation (also the word for asphalt)


Angkat Tangan Mas Put up your hands bro!


bule cari ayam (foreigners looking for chickens)

Bank Cape Antri (Tired of waiting!)


bayar sendiri-sendiri (when dining out everyone pays for their own meal - what Americans refer to as “going Dutch”


cari muka - act in order to gain interest from his/her boss (literal translation = to find face)


Cowok cakap cowok laki (said by girls about a good looking guy)


Emang Gua Pirkirin ( I don't think of it or I don't care, or why should Ithink about that) - note - note really polite, so use with caution!


Emang bener (that's absolutely right) - emang is a shortened version of memang


Go And Rest Until the Delay Announcement ... or ...
Good And Reliable Under Dutch Administration


Indonesia Wins Again ... hey there ain't' nuthin' you can do ... that's just the way it is here!!


Jahil and Usil - not funny, if somebody tells a joke, and its not funny, you can say "jayus"
Jojoba Jomblo Jomblo Bahagia (Happy singles)
Joker Jomblo Keren (Cool Single)


Kanan Kiri Lintas Manusia

Mandor Kawat

Kerja kendor makan kuat (work lazily but eat a lot)
Maksi Makan Siang - Lunch


Makan Surang - Don't share food


Omong Doang - just talk no action


Percaya Diri [an impression for someone who is over confident]


Pintar-Pintar-Bodoh [an impression for someone who pretends not knowing]


Please Dong Ah ...


Putra Putri President ... referred (in the past) to the Soeharto kids ... and their business empires


Proper Prior Planning Prevent P*ss Poor Performance - P-7 (pronounced "pay tujuh") is the acronym for a past Indonesian government program
Pungli Pungutan Liar - bribe (payment above/outside legal fees)

PW or PeWe

Posisi Wuenak - Comfortable Position. As in, "Aku tidak mau kemana-mana, soalnya udah PW." Translates , "I dont want to go anywhere, I'm comfortable here."


Sok Kenal Sok Dekat - someone pretending to be close to someone else...


Sudah Makan Pulang ... Go to a party, eat the food and then go home ... no need to site around and chat after the meal!

Titi Kamal

Hati-hati Kalo Making Love - be careful if you're making love !


(read: teetee deejay) Hati-hati Di Jalan (be careful during your trip) Note: Titi DJ is a famous singer

Please share any fun acronyms you know with the community! Contact us.

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Practical Information for foreigners, expats and expatriates moving to Indonesia - find out about housing, schooling, transport, shopping and more to prepare you for your stay in Indonesia

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