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Letter of No Impediment

For marriages between foreigners and Indonesian citizens in Indonesia, the Indonesian government requires proof that the foreigner is indeed not legally married. The Letter of No Impediment is to be issued by the expatriates' consular office or embassy from their home country in Indonesia. Alternately, you can obtain a document/letter from Civil Registry officials in your home country.

If you aren't able to get the letter (currently due to embassy closures due to COVID, for example), you may be able to make a personal statement of no impediment, and have it notarized. The Indonesian officials may accept this document, but we can't guarantee.

Talk to the religious office that you've requested to perform your marriage and clear this with them first.


An sample letter from a Expat Forum poster:


Public Declaration Deed

To whom it may concern that, on this date ______________

Passport/identity card number:
Date of issue of Passport/ ID card:
Address of residence:

identified by ________________, a Notary of ____(notary's credentials)___, through the identification document presented and which I did verify.

Thus, here, the principal declarant, has declared to me, by his own free will, that his civil status is SINGLE.

This act has taken place in front of these witnesses:

Witness 1 Name:
Witness 1 identification:

Witness 2 Name
Witness 2 identification

who declare that they know the present declarant ____(your name)____, and that they confirm the fact that he is SINGLE.

Finally, for the principal declarant and witnesses, they made the present declaration by their own free will, obliging them to respond both civilly or criminally to all the declaration provided herein, as well as ratifying in Court or with any other entity, at any time, if bound to.

Followed by the name, date, stamp,seal of the notary.





Last Updated April 9, 2021