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About this Site

We've reached another milestone!

26 year anniversary

We celebrate our 26th anniversary on September 1, 2023. The Living in Indonesia website has now been online helping expats for 26+ years! It's been our pleasure to help literally hundreds of thousands of expats ease their transition to their new lives in Indonesia!

Living in Indonesia, A Site for Expatriates provides information for expatriates who are planning their move to Indonesia, who are newly arrived, have resided here for several years or are long-term seasoned veterans. You'll never know when the information exchanged here could be useful to you! Or you may just want to post questions on the Living in Indonesia Expat Forum and share your thoughts and feelings with other expats.

A small group of dedicated volunteers developed this website (launched in September 1997) with the lofty goal of becoming a comprehensive information site for expats in Indonesia. We've targeted the specific information needs of expats - from advice on everyday concerns, to great family getaways, to how to cope with the normal frustrations of adjusting to your new life in Indonesia, to where to buy something that you need.

Meet the sponsors* of the Living in Indonesia website, whose financial support makes this community service a reality!

Read the testimonials which were sent in on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the Living in Indonesia website and Living in Indonesia Expat Forum launch.

Read an article from The Jakarta Post on the early development of this website.

Some of the people who have volunteered in the early years by submitting information for the site or supporting the effort in other ways.

Learn more about how you can volunteer your services to help build the information on this community website.

Would you like to link to this site from yours? Read how to do that on the Link to Us page.

*It is important to the organizing committee of this website that all of the information on this site remain free to the public. In order to keep providing this information, the Expat Website Association accepts sponsorship from firms with long-standing good reputations in the community. These sponsorships, however, do not constitute a blanket endorsement of their products and/or services by the Expat Website Association.


Last updated August 11, 2022