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First Aid for Child and Infant Course

PT Asih Eka Abadi - Training Center offers First Aid Training for Child and Infant in English and Bahasa Indonesia (specifically for household staff).

This first-aid training program will equip the participants with skills and confidence to help their young charges during an emergency until medical assistance becomes available. 

Aims of the Childcare Providers Program:


2023 Class Calendar

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Course can be conducted by request in: English orBahasa Indonesia.

We also can schedule special classes as needed as long as
at least 6 participants register.

We also offer First Aid Classes.


For further information on International SOS Training programs, please contact our Sales & Marketing Department at 021-750-5973, or email marcomm.indonesia@internationalsos.com or jktmkt@internationalsos.com.

Last updated January 13, 2023