Kinderland Preschool in Jakarta, Indonesia

A Quality Day, All Day, Everyday

Kinderland's foundation and growth

The seeds of Kinderland's success were sown in 1978 when Yamaha Music School Singapore launched its first kindergarten project.

Over the years, Kinderland has steadily expanded its operations which now include a regional network of over 30 established direct and franchise centers, a teachers training institute in early childhood education with over 5000 graduates and alliances with overseas universities.

Kinderland is committed towards excellence in preschool education, teacher training and parent education programs. The Kinderland Curriculum is supported by a well-qualified professional team with doctoral and masters degrees in the field.


We believe:


Our unique curriculum

The curriculum, developed by Kinderland's team of child development and education specialists and overseas consultants, is both comprehensive and challenging.

Its primary aim is to develop the “total” child with a positive attitude towards work and learning.

Your child is thus given a good head start in education.


Integrated language arts program (I-LAP)

A multi-sensory, thematic program that combines art, phonics, stories, language activities and discovery children at play at Kinderland preschoolexperiences to bring meaning to the learning of the alphabet, reading and writing.

Kinderland reading program: K1 & K2 (KRP)

A formal and structured reading scheme to further develop and reinforce reading skills in children. Complementing the I-LAP, it equips the children with phonic skills to enable them to decode new words and read. KRP will develop children's self confidence in reading.

Math alive program (MAP)

This program provides a variety of innovative and stimulating activities that make math fun and challenging and meaningful for your child.

Activity-based language studies program (ALSP)

Fun and effective ways of learning languages other than English (e.g., Bahasa Indonesia) through proven techniques such as songs, stories, movement and penmanship.


Move with music program (MMP)

This program incorporates songs, movement, dramatization, music appreciation and simple ensemble playing which encourages children to discover music in a fun and meaningful way.

children at play at Kinderland preschoolChildren's music course (CMC)

Weekly classes are conducted by professional music teachers to teach your child solfa, keyboarding, rudiments of music theory and music appreciation.

Technology integrated learning (TIL)

We provide computer-aided instruction and computer appreciation classes for your child (N, K1 & K2). Specially programmed and selected software reinforce basic conceptual skills taught in class.

Kinderfit program (KP)

The Kinderfit Program emphasizes a 'whole-person' approach to wellness. Its primary goal is to enable young children to not only look fit and good, but also feel great about themselves. A healthy lifestyle is emphasized.

We provide computer-aided instruction and computer appreciation classes for your child (N, K1& K2). Specially programmed and selected software reinforce basic conceptual skills taught in class.


Our caring and supportive staff are specially trained to meet the developmental needs and interests of your child. Kinderland's professional team of consultants and specialists in early childhood care and education and relateddisciplines to develop and evaluate programs, assess children's children at play at Kinderland preschooldevelopment and train staff.

Kinderland's professional team

Kinderland's has a well-qualified professional team of child development and early childhood education specialists with doctorate and masters' degrees in the field. Together, our specialists have many years of professional experience in their respective areas of specialisation.

Besides designing, monitoring, evaluating and upgrading the comprehensive Kinderland curriculum, this dedicated team of educators also assesses children's development, trains teachers and conducts parent education sessions.

In Singapore:

Dr. Florence Lee Ph.D. is a senior educational consultant and head of the early childhood education division.

Mrs. Carol Loy, MA supervises curriculum development and evaluation and is the Preschool Supervisor as well as an early childhood lecturer.

Come visit Kinderland, find out your child's potential and discover a new world of child development.


children at play at Kinderland preschool children at play at Kinderland preschoolPlaygroup (1.5 years to 2 years)
Kinderland Cooking Class
Dance Mania
Bahasa Indonesia
Practical English
Computers are Fun
Art and Craft
Speech and Drama


Each school is equipped with beautiful bright classrooms, a wonderful library, a computer room and indoor and outdoor play areas.


Kinderland is a big happy family. Relationships abound and grow among parents, teachers and children - Everyone working together to achieve the common goal of making beautiful fun for the children. A definitely warm school environment.” Mr. and Mrs. Buensuceso

The education that Kinderland gives our children is of a high standard. The children are independent and confident and are exposed to many different cultures. As a class-Mum I enjoy the parental involvement and parent participation in the many school activities which is positive and fun.” Mrs. Lily Permadi

My son, Dominic, has been with Kinderland for the past two years and really enjoys school. I would not hesitate to recommend the school to anyone.” Mrs. Gill Reeves

The atmosphere in Kinderland is genuinely happy where the teachers are passionate about teaching. What is particularly striking is the great relationship between the three primarily elements that make up a schools - students, teachers and parents. Informality is the other quality that highlights Kinderland and yet concurrently a sense of discipline is instilled right from the little ones.” Mr. and Mrs. Hasan

Both my daughters Naomi and Josephine go to Kinderland for their pre-school. I know I have made the right decision choosing the school because I can see them growing up with Kinderland. Not only do they teach math and reading, they also place emphasis on discipline, good behaviour and social consciousness. These are the values that are needed for our future generation. Keep up the good work.” Mrs. Lisa Rinaldi

Kinderland Locations in Jakarta

Pondok Indah Housing Estate - South Jakarta
Jl. Caringin Barat No.1
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12430
Tel. (62-21) 7590-8818

Bona Indah Housing Estate - South Jakarta
Jl. Bonavista Raya, Komplek Bona Indah
Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan 12440
Tel. (62-21) 769-2988, 769-1655

Pulo Mas Housing Estate - East Jakarta
Jl. Kayu Putih Raya Blok A-IV Kav. 1-4
Pulo Mas, Jakarta Timur 13260
Tel. (62-21) 470-6722, 911-1635

Kompleks Surya Gardenia - West Jakarta
Jl. Surya Timur Blok A No. 5
Sunrise Garden, Jakarta Barat 11520
Tel. (62-21) 580-2323, 580-1647

Sunter Center - North Jakarta
Jl Agung Indah 3, Blok L 1 No 10
Suntar, Jakarta Utara
Tel. 650-3830,  650-3831
[email protected]

For more information on Kinderland's programs in Jakarta, please visit the Kinderland website

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Kinderland preschool in Jakarta

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