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Indonesian Words and Phrases

Indonesian Words and Phrases

As a newcomer to Indonesia, you may want to learn the language of the country, Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian Words and Phrases can help you start studying. The more Bahasa Indonesia you learn, the easier it will be to communicate. This small but valuable reference will serve you well in the early days and throughout your stay.

Indonesian Words and Phrases was first published by the American Women's Association in 1955. Over the years, the book has been updated many times. In a major revision in 1994, the book shifted focus specifically to the particular language needs of expatriates. This book is written by expats, for expats.

Indonesian Words and Phrases is organized into five major categories to correspond with your daily life: Language Structure, Basics, Around the Home, Around Town and Emergency and Medical.

Indonesian Words and Phrases can help you quickly learn survival Bahasa Indonesia and serve as a handy reference guide while living in Indonesia.

“You won't find phrases such as “How do I get to Borobudur?” in this phrase book. Its focus is not on Bahasa Indonesia for tourists, but for expatriates living in Indonesia. It's a great resource in a convenient carry-around size.”

Published by the American Women's Association of Indonesia, 2015. Rp. 100,000.

Proceeds from the sale of AWA publications benefit the AWA and its charities. AWA publications are sold at the American Women's Association Center. Contact the AWA to arrange purchase of the books in Indonesia.

Partially updated December 22, 2021