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Portraits of Our Kids

Most of us would agree, one of the best things about being married to an Indonesian ... is the wonderful kids we create! Share your pics ... contact us

Jasmine Vrancken,
daughter of Dirk and Irien from Belgium
Penelope Booth
Penelope Booth,
daughter of Sandra and Martyn from England

Amadeus, son of Isa (German) and Satria Moeljo
Jordan William
Jordan William,
son of Alan and Airin Lehmann, USA

JIB, the son of
Pungki dan Lee, California, USA

Jonathan Muzerie, son
of Jumar & Frederick Muzerie, Australia
David, son of William and Eva (Washington, USA)
Alexander Wolf
Alexander, son of Michael and Ira (Germany)

Pierre Le Moing, son of Vincent Le Moingand Rangga Arruanlinggi - Paris, France

Nicole Deborah Lecklitner, daughter of Martha M. Kombolangi and Eric D. Lecklitner - U.S.A.

Nadia Scheucher, daughter
of Hermann Scheucher & Susiyani, Austria

Nicoline Annisa Christiansen, daughter of
Nur Ariyani and Casper Christiansen Roskilde,

Muhammad and Hamzah, sons of
Rostina Lubis of Medan and Dr. Bashir
of Kashmir, living in Oman

David Alexander, son of
Nelly and Peter, of Sumbawa and Bavaria, Germany

Nicole Evita Flanders, daughter of
Maya and Richard Flanders,
Tennessee, USA

Mick and Claire Jansen
children of Rob and Leni Jansen,
living in
the Netherlands

Jagan son of Tina and Taga from Jakarta

David Michael Putra, son of Duncan and Poppy

Jennifer and Jacqueline, twin daughters of Fred and Nancy

Asia and Elena Allegretti
Asia and Elena Allegretti,
daughters of Rocco and Emma


Samuel, son of Novita and Paul

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