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Applying for a SKPPS
Surat Keterengan Pendaftaran Penduduk Sementara - Foreign Resident Registration at Catatan Sipil


Resident foreigners need to go to their local Kantor Lurah to get a Surat Keterengan Domisili stating their address of residency in Indonesia. This letter is then brought to the Catatan Sipil (Divil Registry) in order to apply for a SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal), a SKPPS (Surat Keterengan Pendaftaran PendudukSementara) and a SKDLN (Surat Keterengan Datang dari Luar Negeri). A foreigner residing in Indonesia on an ITAS MUST register at the Catatan Sipil to get these documents.

Having them in requed as well for an application for an ITAP later in your stay. Once the three documents are issued, the Catatan Sipil office may issue issue a green card which verifies your residency and registration as a temporary resident for the length of your ITAS . The fees are defined by local regulations and vary depending on each city/district. It shouldn't cost more than Rp 150,000.

The SKDLN (Surat Keterengan Datang Dari Luar Negeri) is just part of the process to apply for the SKTT. Only the SKTT is issued and given to you. The SKDLN usually remains at the Catatan Sipil office (they are forms that you fill to get the SKTT issued).

Here the list of all the documents requested for the application:

1) 3 pictures 4 x 6
2)  Photocopy ITAS / Kitap
3)  Photocopy Pasport
4)  Surat pengantaran RT / RW
5)  Photo copy Kartu Keluarga
6)  Photo copy marriage certificate
7)  Surat sponsor
8)  Surat permohonan