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Side By Side:
Barong Dance Cooperative and Organic Farm

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The Barong Dance Co-operative is a group of artisans in Bali who create high quality socially responsible crafts. The members are people who want work, self-respect, and the ability to earn a living so that they can provide for their families and contribute to their village. Profits from sales are shared and charity projects are determined according to need.

When you purchase something from Barong Dance, you get much more than a beautiful handmade piece of art. You get the joy that comes from knowing that you've benefited the lives of a collective of artists and their families. You help to preserve a way of life. You promote empowerment and freedom. You weave a global tapestry of goodwill. And so the members of this collective invite you to share in their passion and joy. And once you do, thank you and bless you from the heart.

Voluntourism Program

With the help of caring people from around the world, Side By Side Organic Farm was started in the small village of Dhausa in East Bali, located seventy kilometers east of Ubud, and near Tiertaganga, home to the spiritual Water Palace, well known for its healing energy.

Side by Side offers a variety of voluntourism projects. School groups, social groups, and companies are all invited to participate. Individuals who want to add something special to a holiday are welcome to visit the farm, enjoy an organic lunch in our outdoor restaurant, and have a quiet day visiting traditional Bali.

sThe farm is a co-op owned by the villagers who grow healthy food to feed their children, sell their products at a market garden, and cook delicious meals for visitors who can eat in a beautiful bale which sits over a prawn and fish pond. During a visit to the farm, visitors can enjoy nature hikes with beautiful Mount Agung as a majestic background.

Members of the farm co-op are proud to provide a unique environmentally aware destination for those interested in seeing a different side of Bali . We provide a relaxing and fulfilling destination for volunteer groups. Come visit, help us make a difference.

The Story of our Beginnings by Pamela Tibbs

While studying art in Ubud, Bali in 1998, I became seriously ill. During my three-month recuperation period, my caretakers and I became close friends, sharing our art and sspiritual beliefs. Upon recovery, I asked what I could do to repay their kindness. Help us to find jobs, was the immediate reply, all of whom were artisans. Thus an array of beautiful creations began to pass through my bungalow. It was very easy to see that talent was available and the people were hungry for work. While visiting Singapore, I contacted the expat community there who were ready and willing to help. Thus began a series of exhibits and sales of the creations of the Barong Dance co-op.

Many co-op members are from impoverished villages. When visiting their homes and seeing the conditions, I was inspired to start some programs of sustainable development to aid the families. Bali Cow Club, Sponsor a Child, Emergency Medical Funds, and Small Business Loans all became a part of the Barong Dance Yayasan.

Barong Dance Arts And Crafts Productss

A unique and fun beaded doll created by Balinese artisans. Many Madam and Sir Ratbags have been adopted by families all over the world. So far all are happy and have not returned to Bali. Each doll is different and created by a team of artisans who laugh and put great energy of love, light, and joy into their creations, all of which are anatomically correct in beads and shells. There are many waiting to be adopted from the home of our representative, Sandy Thompson in Jakarta ([email protected]) or from the workshop in Penistanan Village in Bali ([email protected]). A ratbag is guaranteed to bring a lot of love and laughter to his or her new home. And while you are at Sandy's adopting a ratbag, please look at our photos and other items for sale.

Christmas Stockings

Beautiful heirloom stockings created by the women of Penistanan Village in Bali can be given as a gift any time of the year. Stockings are one of a kind made from a variety of fabrics and can be personalized with beaded names. Personal designs can be considered for implementation.


Silk Jewelry Bags and Great Wine Bags

Silk bags have pockets and are just the right thing for travel or a cozy home for a favorite piece of jewelry. They come in a variety of colors and can be beaded or plain. Ceremony Prayer Bags are silk bags with a sacred prayer for world peace inside. Please add your own prayer and pass on the blessing.

Silk Shawls

Silk shawls are beaded, elegant accessories for any dress-up occasion. Each is unique and designed by a husband and wife team who meditate and create from a spiritual state of mind.

Details of the beading on the cushion covers

Table Runners and Beaded Cushion Covers

Barong dance creates a variety of beaded table runners with matching hand-dyed napkins. A variety of fabrics are used including ikat, silk and batik. Beaded cushion covers are the perfect accessories in any home.

Wine Bags

Profits from our beaded wine bags sustained a family of three for over a year. They dress up a wine or champagne bottle and make the perfect gift. They can be used as gift bags or travel bags for shoes and special items.
Unquie wine bags

Totally beaded baskets

Beaded Baskets

Beaded baskets are created by a group of women and men in their family compound. They range from small to very large individual pieces of art. Color preferences can be designed at your request.

moving to Indonesia

Social Projects Sponsored by the Barong Dance Foundation (Yayasan)

Bali Cow Club

Buy a cow for the Sudarsana Women's Cow Farm in Tianyar, East Bali. A cow costs US$ Bali Cow Club250.

The women of the extended family fatten the cows from grass they grow on their land. After two years, the cow is either sold or used for breeding and/or working the fields. All profits go to the women, and the initial investment is returned to Barong Dance to buy another cow. If you wish to buy a cow for this project, you will receive a certificate as a member of the Bali Cow Club.

Rice For Life Field

Barong Dance buys rice fields for poor families. They can feed their families rice for life from one small field. The cost in a small village for a field is $250. The field belongs to them for life and cannot be sold to others.

Women's Education And Training

Barong Dance has bought three sewing machines and supplies and sent women to sewing school so that they could earn a living from their sewing skills in the village. Our hope for the future is to establish a small market stall where these women can use their skills.

Mrs Sudarsana outside her kitchenKitchen Projects - Goal For 2002 - Build Kitchens For Village Women Who Use Open Fires

Many of the women in the villages only have an open fire for a kitchen. Our project for the year 2002 is to upgrade the Sudarsana compound kitchen that feeds over twenty children per day. We need supplies and donations for the kitchen. If you would like to donate to this project we need everything! A list of items needed is available from Sandy Thompson at ([email protected]) who is organizing this drive for us in Jakarta. Some examples of items needed are: pots and pans, rice cooker, utensils, and gas cooker. After the completion of the Sudarsana kitchen, we have many requests from other family compounds, so this will undoubtedly be an ongoing project.

Hey Good Looking!

With the help of Singapore Australia New Zealand Association, Barong Dance has clothed four villages over the past two years. The ANZA New 2 U shop and other members of the expat community donated clothing for this project. Looking good has raised the self esteem and personal dignity of all who receiving clothes from the project.

Medical Funds

Medical care in Bali is expensive for local people. Our door is always open to assist the poor with emergency medical needs. In the past year, we have financed emergency surgery, blood transfusions, snake bite recovery, and preventative medicines for asthma victims.

Microcredit Loans

sMoney is made available for those who want to start a small business and or buy a personal motorbike. The loans are repaid through working for the organization such as running errands or managing new workers or offering a necessary service.

Profits from the sales of crafts and donations from the heart have kept Barong Dance alive and growing for three years. We welcome ideas for fundraisers, can fill product orders through mail, and welcome all donations. Thank you and bless you for your support.

Side By Side Organic Farm

Side By Side's organic farm encourages social organizations, business groups and individuals to visit the farm for a day or a week. Please read our site and see how you can broaden your horizons and help make a difference in the lives of others.

Everyone is welcome. If you are looking for an off the beaten path place to see in Bali, our farm in Dausa in East Bali is the perfect place to see or be a part of a traditional village, enjoy an organic lunch, and help make a difference in the lives of others.

Make sure you bring your camera, lots of beautiful smile photo opportunities. Please see our website for more information.

Barong Dance
Pamela Tibbs
Bali, Indonesia
Tel. (62-361) 973-400
[email protected]

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