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Yayasan Prima Unggul (YPU) is an orphanage and entrepreneurship high school. Our vision is to transform 10,000 orphans into entrepreneurs. Our organization is the first of its kind in Indonesia and is a force of change in education and orphanages in Indonesia. In addition to regular classes, our students undergo entrepreneurship training and run their own businesses within the school. The aim is to break the poverty cycle and dependence is common within orphanages. Here at YPU, students are taught to be independent. They learn real world skills early on as they go out to sell their goods and have to face rejection and stand up again from that experience. As an organization, we are currently 25% independent through our student-run businesses. YPU Eating House, a student-run business, currently generates 15 million Rupiah a month. With further support, we aim to be self-sustainable and independent of donations in 4 years time. (2/2013)

Yayasan Baik provides educational treatments for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. All interventions are based on ABA (applied behavior analysis) that is internationally recognized as the most effective and scientifically supported treatment for autism and other developmental disabilities. Treatments focus on the child's acquisition of functional skills (such as communication, self care, social interaction) to increase the independence and social integration of the child. The Yayasan also offers treatments for individuals that display severely problematic behaviors (such as aggression, self-injury, disruption). The Yayasan is based in Jakarta but committed to provide interventions and professional training everywhere in Indonesia and especially in those areas that lack qualified services for people with learning disability. (08/2012)

Emmanuel Orphanage People who care can make a difference. This is witnessed in the efforts of Emmanuel and his many supporters and contributors in the expatriates community who have established an orphanage to provide care and education for orphans in Bogor. Find out what you can do to help their efforts. 7/2011

Encompass Trust Daniel Braden from Brighton, was one of 202 people killed when terrorists detonated three bombs in Bali on the night of October 12, 2002. He loved life with a passion and was in the Sari nightclub celebrating with his rugby team, the Taipei Baboons the night that he was killed. Determined that something positive should come from such a senseless act, his family and long-term partner, Jun Hirst, established Encompass Trust. Encompass - the Daniel Braden Reconciliation Trust, brings young people together from conflict zones around the world to explore issues of cultural understanding and peaceful coexistence. Encompass works extensively in Indonesia (as well as Israel, the Palestinian Territories, the UK and the USA), having developed a network of contacts in the Islamic State Boarding School and University system. 7/2011

Side By Side Organic Farm in East Bali now has an organic restaurant, a home stay program, hiking and biking tours, and we offer Bali Dance and Kecak chanting lessons. Thanks to hard working Global Concerns student groups from around the world, we also have three new fresh water prawn ponds, blossoming fruit trees, and a beautiful outdoor shower with a view of the stars at night. Side By Side Farm offers the opportunity for visitors, both individuals and groups, to participate in a unique program where interaction with the local villagers brings smiles to every face. Groups and individuals of all ages are welcome to visit the farm and participate in a voluntourism project or to enjoy a delicious meal in the quiet environment in the rice fields of traditional Bali. All projects are self sustaining, profits are returned to the farmers. Our mission statement is to start locally and think globally. 7/2011

The Bali Smile Foundation, Yayasan Senyum Bali, is a non-profit, independent organization giving assistance to patients with cranio-facial disabilities including cleft lip, palate, and a variety of other serious conditions. They inform the community of available surgical services, provide transportation to the hospital, pre and post surgical treatments of patients, liaison with surgeons, and accommodation for patients. The foundation serves patients from Bali, Lombok and Eastern Indonesia in partnership with local and international health care professionals. The Bali Smile Foundation relies solely on the support and generosity of donations and proceeds from its charity shop in Ubud, the Smile Shop, to continue its mission. The funds provided from the sale of donated goods at the shop cover all of the Smile Foundations administrative costs. 7/2011

Yayasan Anak Bantuan Anak Indonesia was established as NGO in January 2003 for charity, humanitarian, and cultural activities without political and religious concerns. “Anak” envisions a nation where all children will have access to quality education allowing them a decent human life and preparing them for a better future. We support the education of over 200 children from very poor families in Bali through a system of a “Godparent” sponsoring the annual cost for his/her Godchild. We have projects such as purchasing school books, renovating school facilities, and improving health and hygiene. We have two centers in northeast and north Bali where children have access to a library, and can learn English, computer, drawing, theater, and dance after school. Donations are welcome to help our NGO registered in Bali, France, Spain and Switzerland. In Europe we are all volunteers and have no offices, no paid staff or no marketing budget. 4/2010

Yayasan CIMD is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with an educational and social purpose and helps the poor families and orphans in Bali. Educational: CIMD not only focuses for children but also gives the young adults and adults the opportunity for education. Supporting children with sponsorship to continue their education, follow up on each sponsor child personally, opportunities for children with learning problems and organizing an extra program available for all the children from the community. Social: CIMD gives a chance for decent medical treatment. Medical programs based on the actual needs; efficient and adequate. Nutrition deficiency with baby's and children asks for our special attention. Reorientation and rehabilitation for persons with special needs becomes a very important aspect for CIMD. 8/09

Yakkum Craft provides income-earning opportunities to physically disabled young adults. YAKKUM Craft markets quality handicrafts made by under the RehabCraft Label. These remarkable efforts are easily supported through the purchase of fine leather and wood crafts. 7/09

Kampung Kids This group is a fantastic example of what the idea of one person can start ... an avalanche of service! This yayasan started with an expat working to improve her neighborhood. She succeeded in growing her programs by garnering wide reaching personal involvement and support within the generous expatriate community. Giving back to your community can focus on the kids that play in your street and live down the alleyways of your neighborhood ... helping to give them a better start on life and their families new opportunities to improve their lives! 7/09