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Requirements for Expatriate Work and Stay Permit

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expatriate information for Indonesia

Following are the requirements from the Indonesia government for the application for an ITAS and Work Permit:


  1. Record of valid passport for at least 18 months in full page (whole book);
  2. Record of education certificate (most recent qualification is sufficient);
  3. Record of job references (work experience) in English or translation into Indonesian language (from previous company);
  4. The current Curriculum vitae signed by the expatriate concerned (original);
  5. Photos : 4 X 6 CM = 16 color photos (with red background)
    3 X 4 CM = 4 color photos (with red background)
    2 X 3 CM = 5 color photos (with red background)


  1. Record of valid passport for at least 18 months in full page;
  2. Record of wedding certificate (wife/husband);
  3. Record of birth certificate or family register (child);
  4. Photos : 4 X 6 CM = 10 color photos (with red background)
    3 X 4 CM = 3 color photos (with red background)
    2 X 3 CM = 3 color photos (with red background)


  1. Record of Deed of establishment of limited liability company (PT);
  2. 10 sheets of company letterhead (sign & chop preferred);
  3. Record of valid Identity card or passport of Director;
  4. Record of receipt from Minister of Justice & Human Rights for the Company’s approval;
  5. Record of SP PMA License (Notification Letter of Foreign Direct Investment);
  6. Record of last 6 months current Investment Activity report (LKPM);
  7. Record of Appointment letter or Minutes of the General Shareholders Meeting for the position of Director.
  8. Record of Tax payer number (NPWP);
  9. Record of Company registration mark (TDP);
  10. Record of company’s domicile;
  11. 2 (two) Identity card of local employees as counterparts for expatriate manpower and their letters of appointment;
  12. Company organization structure/chart;
  13. Record of employment Agreement between the company and the expatriate;
  14. Record of slip payment of Expertise and Skill Development fund (DPKK): USD 1,200 per worker/year after getting ITAS to be attached for the IKTA (Work Permit application).


• RPTKA to VITAS : +/- 3 weeks
• ITAS to IKTA : +/- 2 weeks
• Others : +/- 1 week

Application Process

The following information will help to guide you to understand the documents needed by expatriate working and staying in Indonesia.

First we apply for the (1) UU No. 7 / 1981 (Compulsory Company Manpower Report) from the Regional Manpower Office (DEPNAKER WILAYAH).

To apply for the ITAS (Stay Permit) and IKTA (expatriate work permit) the PMA/PMDN company would first submit the (2) RPTKA (plan for the use of expatriates) application in conjunction with the number and position of approved expatriates in the Notification Letter of Foreign Direct Investment (SP PMA) to BKPM/BKPMD.

BKPM/The Manpower Ministry will issue RPTKA approval to the PMA/PMDN company and its copies to the Minister of Manpower and concerned sectoral Ministers and the BKPMD.

After the issuance of RPTKA approval, the PMA company is required to submit a Limited Stay visa (Visa Tinggal Terbatas/VITAS) application to BKPM/The Manpower Ministry by filling out a form of Ppt.2. The Ppt.2 is evaluated, the BKPM/The Manpower Ministry will issue a letter of recommendation in form of (3) TA-01 to the Director General of Immigration.

Based on the Ta-01 recommendation, The Directorate General of Immigration will send a telex to the Indonesian embassy/consulate overseas to issue the Limited Stay Visa (4) VITAS.

On the basis of the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS), the expatriates concerned shall be allowed to enter Indonesia and must report to the Regional Immigration office within 7 days by enclosing passport and embarkation card to do fingerprinting in order to obtain (5) ITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card).

The expatriates are allowed to stay in Indonesia for a period of 1 year from the date of admission to Indonesia and this permit is extendable for 3 consecutive times, with each extension for 1 year. If the company wants the expatriate to continue working in Indonesia, they have to make EXIT PERMIT ONLY (EPO) and enter Indonesia with a new VITAS and ITAS . Exceptions for EXIT PERMIT ONLY (EPO) are given for the position of directors.

The issuance of (7) IKTA (expatriate work permit) by BKPM on behalf of the Minister of Manpower or by The Directorate of the Manpower Ministry after enclosing the mandatory DPKK (training fee) slip payment copy for USD 1200 per year in any BNI Bank on behalf of the Manpower Ministry.

The RPTKA is used as a basis of consideration in granting the IKTA. After IKTA we proceed for (8) SKPPS (Certificate of Registration for Temporary Resident) from the Regional Municipal office of population service (Sudin Kependudukan), (9) SKTT (Temporary Domicile for foreigners) from the Residential Chief of the Village (Kelurahan), and lastly (10) Lapor Keberadaan (report of expatriate presence) from the Regional Office of Manpower (DEPNAKER WILAYAH).

Graphic Depictions of this process:

ITAS Flow Prior to Arrival pdf file

ITAS Flow After Arrival pdf file


This article is generously provided by Binka Consulting.



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