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Enjoy these articles written by Aida about life in Indonesia

Comedy in a Blanket
The Kampung Foreigners are Here!
I’m Dreaming of the Good Old Days
Stuck in Between Horse Carts and GPS
English versus Indonesian: Less Nationalism?
No more Apathy Please!
Have you seen my G-spots lately?
The Smart Balance between Stressful Life & Release
Mutation: from Giraffes to the New Virus Strain
Is Life Cheaper than a Stronger Seedling?
Disasters, Where Art Thou?
One Day at the Zoo
Not all Local Men are Nut Scratchers!
Amusing Creativity & Innovations in Names
Mike, Myself and I
Older None the Wiser
The Great Suckers
Golden Curry - Kinara Restaurant Review
The Quick Fix
It's Definitely Not my Fault!
New Hairdo, New Culture

The Mozzarella Bubbles in Pondok Indah
The Wrinkled Coconuts
Peculiar Questions
Is it Deterioration or Too High an Expectation?
Java Bleu - Where the Chefs Dine.
Snobbish Reviews on Local Warung - Why Not?
Valentine's Day - Why Does it have to be Pink?
It's My Life
Who Says Indonesian Girls are not Flexible?
You Suck when you're Drunk!
Being equal or simply being trashy?
Café Au Lait: the Favourite Flavour in the Glam Industry
New Business Opportunities
Star Deli
A Woman's Perspective on Pregnancy
Getaway Dream Turns to Ashes
The Sexy Career Barbie Syndrome
Kemang: From Clay Pots to Hotspots
Split Personality: Another Lame Excuse
My Snakes and I
The Joy of Humiliating Moments
What's a Sweet Boy Like You Doing in a Sleazy Place Like This?
Latest Dress Code While Clubbing
My New Year's Resolutions
When Another Harry Met Another Sally
Twofold Holy!
One day, when she had it pierced ...
The Latest Trend: Date a Bule?
Road Rage, Blame it on Adrenaline
The Beauty of Bustling Conversations
She's Indonesian, Beware
Detox Frenzy
My Ex-Mate Mr. Bean
Bobot, Bibit and Bebet
Women, Sex and Prejudices in Jakarta
Craving for Local Foods
Been Flying Lately?
Cinderella Stories
Special Service, Mister?
A Dog's Life
Health Clubs: To Be Or Not??
Today's Special: Good Food & Service
Between Catwalk and Reality
Warning for Naïve Male Expatriates
Talking about men, chauvinism and discrimination
While I was having my hair done ...
Dream House Hunting